Pegasus Arcane feat. Skelterwise

from by Aphylliate

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Attention. All Arcane pilots to battle stations. Enemies approaching.
On this day, 100 years ago, the pegasi reached a state of independence. And we've kept it that way. We're not going to lose are freedom again. Not today. Not any day. Hit 'em hard and don't hold back.

When I was small
No one knew me at all
I never trusted my wings
Because I would suffer the fall

Mother said to me
'There's more to see' (more to see)
She flew me so far
And she showed me the stars

I close my eyes, all I see is lies.
Just because I can't fly, doesn't mean I wont try.
I designed a creation that could soar across the nation
With the wings and the grace of the Pegasus Race!!!

These lights I see; they must be known
And, Even if they're far from home
With an aircraft I can call my own
Those evils shan't be left alone

This is my domain
I'll build the Pegasus Arcane
Claim the freedom you stole for centuries
I'll control the skies
One day you'll meet your demise
If you wish to be wise, don't f**k with these pegasi!!

The best way to fly a Pegasus Arcane is to understand it. Empty your mind, open your heart, loosen your muscles, and don't forget to put your seatbelt on.

Lay down the blueprints, put your goggles on, get welding!!!
Combine the elements to make some rocket fuel.
She needs some camouflage, some colours fit for flying!
Brand it with your cutie mark, your ship is gonna rule!

(Guitar Solo)

I never saw my mother again
Beyond the day they landed
Her soul, my heart, were torn apart
My memories left stranded
But now it's time to recover the past
Their powers aint gonna last!!

I'm losing Power!!! Commander, Do you copy??

Forget it soldier!! Our ships have been part of us ever since we first flew them.

You're right, soldier. I was born with my arcane, you can bet your ass I'm going to go down with it.

Hit 'em hard until they fall! All for one and one for all!!
Live to fight and do or die! That's the way, the way we fly!
(We believe in each other, let our powers work as one,
We'll be soaring together, till our work here is done
Through the winds and the hail, in the snow and in the rain
We'll be standing our ground, if you need us again

This is our domain
We fly the Pegasus Arcane
Kept the freedom we've earned for centuries
We control the skies
Today will be your demise
If you wish to be wise, don't f**k with these pegasi!!


from The Collection, released January 28, 2017
Vocals and Bass by Jacob Tilley
Backing Vocals by Mike Clark




Aphylliate Southampton, UK

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