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by Aphylliate

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Dragons! Space! Lasers! Adventures! And most importantly...ponies.
These are the tales of Aphylliate. And, as his story ends, he leaves you with one last gift, a collection of all his works, from 2013 to 2016. At the very end of this collection are a few secret stories that were never finished, and are written in a special ink, that which will only appear to the most loyal of ponies.

A footnote at the end of the book reads:
"Farewell, friends. It's been fun. Thankyou. Thankyou one and all."


This bundle contains 23 original tracks (21 bandcamp releases + 2 previous tracks by Aphylliate: The Finest Creatures Ever and Pegasus Arcane, never before seen on Bandcamp!!)

For fans who purchase the album they will receive FIVE bonus unreleased tracks. These tracks were never released due to moving projects and are a love letter to fans!!

Altogether that's 28 tracks for £3.50! ($4.39)

Save 0.50 by buying this album as an alternative to downloading each individual release.

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released January 28, 2017

Special thanks to Vegard Dybvad, Tiffanie Wells, Ruby Finch, Rosie Clark, Anwar Louis, Jacob Tilley, Speedcore Dave, General Mumble, Wooden Toaster, Ross Valentine, Bradley Goode and Equestria Daily!




Aphylliate Southampton, UK

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Track Name: The Finest Creatures Ever
When Twilight lived in Canterlot,
She studied hard, she couldn't stop,
There never was a page she didn't read!!!

A gifted school, to be the best
She had to pass a terrible test!!!
Her mind was full of stress she didn't need...

But then there came a huge explosion
Changed her like a magic potion
Zap! Crack! She hatched a dragon
Grown to a size it shouldn't be...

Little did she know, on that very day,
She befriended a creature that would help her every way,
Through the excitement
Through the peril
Always there to say....

A dragon is the finest creature ever!!! There's more to him than just guarding treasure...
He'll brush you mane, he'll clean your room
He'll harmonize to any tune
Name a time, whatever the weather,
With Spike "at your service" always better!!


(Behold!) The Noble Dragon Code, we've followed it through all our lives
With wings and claws and fire-breath, There comes a price to pay
From Icy peak to Magma Cone, we'll grant your wish, we'll sacrifice
The fine-print of the ancient scrolls is what we must obey.

(Smaug, Toothless, Ridley, Blue-Eyes White, Hooktail, Spyro, Trogdor the Burninator!
Volvagia, Charizard, Mushu, Red-Eyes Black, Norbert, Puff the Magic Dragon!!!)

Spike is skilled and very smart,
He'll help you finish your work of art
Friends were family he never had

He left to find his blood, you see
To know what he is meant to be
To find the truth and where it all began

But no matter how hard he tried
Couldn't live on the dragon's side
"I don't need you, and I'll tell you why!!"
"My friends love me for who I am....."

He's not very strong, he can't really fly
He sure ain't perfect but he'll damn well try,
Through the adventure
Along the journey
Always by your side,

And on that fine day, Spike ran away like a pussy, but he redeemed himself; for his strength does not lie within his arms, nor his tail. It lies within his heart and his soul. No amount of physical strength can compare.
Track Name: Pegasus Arcane feat. Skelterwise
Attention. All Arcane pilots to battle stations. Enemies approaching.
On this day, 100 years ago, the pegasi reached a state of independence. And we've kept it that way. We're not going to lose are freedom again. Not today. Not any day. Hit 'em hard and don't hold back.

When I was small
No one knew me at all
I never trusted my wings
Because I would suffer the fall

Mother said to me
'There's more to see' (more to see)
She flew me so far
And she showed me the stars

I close my eyes, all I see is lies.
Just because I can't fly, doesn't mean I wont try.
I designed a creation that could soar across the nation
With the wings and the grace of the Pegasus Race!!!

These lights I see; they must be known
And, Even if they're far from home
With an aircraft I can call my own
Those evils shan't be left alone

This is my domain
I'll build the Pegasus Arcane
Claim the freedom you stole for centuries
I'll control the skies
One day you'll meet your demise
If you wish to be wise, don't f**k with these pegasi!!

The best way to fly a Pegasus Arcane is to understand it. Empty your mind, open your heart, loosen your muscles, and don't forget to put your seatbelt on.

Lay down the blueprints, put your goggles on, get welding!!!
Combine the elements to make some rocket fuel.
She needs some camouflage, some colours fit for flying!
Brand it with your cutie mark, your ship is gonna rule!

(Guitar Solo)

I never saw my mother again
Beyond the day they landed
Her soul, my heart, were torn apart
My memories left stranded
But now it's time to recover the past
Their powers aint gonna last!!

I'm losing Power!!! Commander, Do you copy??

Forget it soldier!! Our ships have been part of us ever since we first flew them.

You're right, soldier. I was born with my arcane, you can bet your ass I'm going to go down with it.

Hit 'em hard until they fall! All for one and one for all!!
Live to fight and do or die! That's the way, the way we fly!
(We believe in each other, let our powers work as one,
We'll be soaring together, till our work here is done
Through the winds and the hail, in the snow and in the rain
We'll be standing our ground, if you need us again

This is our domain
We fly the Pegasus Arcane
Kept the freedom we've earned for centuries
We control the skies
Today will be your demise
If you wish to be wise, don't f**k with these pegasi!!
Track Name: Ride the Waveform
With the squares and the signs in the sequence of skies
Close your eyes
We're riding the waveform with beacons of endless light

Choose the colour, the highlights of what you intend to say
State it boldly or make it fade away

Find the shades that co-operate
Watch as they synchronise
Keep on progressing and you will realise

And you'll never look back If you're never afraid
Changing lanes is the hardest of games that you've played

Start anew, and see how it flows,
Every time you make a mark, you use all that you know

Commanding the lines in the way that feels right
A state of mind
If you ride the waveform as long as the spark burns bright

Never lose the fight
There's nothing you can't write
Building the tension and raising suspensions
The boxes you break on the path that you make to your home
Track Name: Phase Three
The system of purity
Embracing my liberty
A whole new level of perception
Psychological connections
Colors fly in all directions~
The beauty of speed

I've been trying hard for years
Abandoning all of my fears
But i won't let go of you my dear
So dear to me

Trust yourself...

The earth and the sky know me better than I know myself...
No longer a question of strength it's a matter of stealth
Track Name: Hiatus
We had the best finale ever made, with a fight like Dragonball Z,
They've aired all the brand new episodes now, there's nothing left to see

My body was ready for all the hype, but I wasn't prepared for this,
Tirek's time has been and gone, and the Golden oak, you will be missed...
What am I to do until the new season
Except for checking EQD for no apparent reason

Now I have to find a summer job, with nothing to look forward to in-between,
I'd start up some commissions, but my ideas have already been done, it seems.

But now we have the time to be the best
Use our once-busy Saturdays and rise above the rest
Writing songs about memes is totally shameless
But if that's what it means to be hashtag-horse-famous

Comics and fanfics and movies and music galore
Plushies, conventions and Tumblr blogs I adore
Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks might turn out okay
The children's card game that I really need to learn to play.

Musicians get lazy and the cosplays get crazy....
Fraudsters exposed and authors write prose
Track Name: Corrupted
From mission control, control panel, gotta force quit
It feels like far too much to forfeit....
Fragmentations from your secret locations
And the permutations of the only equation
Binary, off or on a two way street
A system you can never defeat!!!

You're corrupted, life will never load!!!!!
You're nothing but a hundred thousand lines of code...

How much terror bites those killer bites
Enough to make you backup every thing in sight
You can have the best software ever compiled
Or you have a giant mess of folders and files
Cos all it takes is one missing link....
That decides if you swim or sink!!!!

You're corrupted, life will never load!!!!!
You're nothing but a hundred thousand lines of code...

Looking back on your history, like a virtual time machine
20 years ago, solid state was just a dream
Illegal downloads from the sea of uncertainty
Trojans and malware from a hidden identity
Pull the cables out at the wrong time
Feels like a digital crime
Track Name: Marathon
When you feel like you have nothing left to give you have to find what's left of your soul, because it is impenetrable, unbreakable, incredible so there will always be a part of you left. When you are exhausted, broken, beside yourself with fear, anger, misery, there is a spark that says 'you can, you will, and you shall'. For life or death, turn failure into success, doubt into confidence, belief into truth and imagination into reality. Life is short, and sometimes you have to walk, before you can run, before you can fly, but there is a time and a place for everyone, for everything, for you, your friends, your family and your world. That time, is not tomorrow, or yesterday, or next year, it is now!!
Track Name: April Falls
Eeeh a bird bird
Track Name: Frozen Pipes
A fraction of time is all you need
You don't know that your obsessive speed
Will be the death of you
You'll end up black and blue

Like the sky filled with the hatred that you bring,
Over the contest to see who's king
Of the road ruled by the man in the tower
Selling souls for the primetime hour

Freeze to death anyway you please
Through corporation or sweet release
Get out of the game, don't try and win
Don't be the victim of the racing sin

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