The Finest Creatures Ever

from by Aphylliate

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When Twilight lived in Canterlot,
She studied hard, she couldn't stop,
There never was a page she didn't read!!!

A gifted school, to be the best
She had to pass a terrible test!!!
Her mind was full of stress she didn't need...

But then there came a huge explosion
Changed her like a magic potion
Zap! Crack! She hatched a dragon
Grown to a size it shouldn't be...

Little did she know, on that very day,
She befriended a creature that would help her every way,
Through the excitement
Through the peril
Always there to say....

A dragon is the finest creature ever!!! There's more to him than just guarding treasure...
He'll brush you mane, he'll clean your room
He'll harmonize to any tune
Name a time, whatever the weather,
With Spike "at your service" always better!!


(Behold!) The Noble Dragon Code, we've followed it through all our lives
With wings and claws and fire-breath, There comes a price to pay
From Icy peak to Magma Cone, we'll grant your wish, we'll sacrifice
The fine-print of the ancient scrolls is what we must obey.

(Smaug, Toothless, Ridley, Blue-Eyes White, Hooktail, Spyro, Trogdor the Burninator!
Volvagia, Charizard, Mushu, Red-Eyes Black, Norbert, Puff the Magic Dragon!!!)

Spike is skilled and very smart,
He'll help you finish your work of art
Friends were family he never had

He left to find his blood, you see
To know what he is meant to be
To find the truth and where it all began

But no matter how hard he tried
Couldn't live on the dragon's side
"I don't need you, and I'll tell you why!!"
"My friends love me for who I am....."

He's not very strong, he can't really fly
He sure ain't perfect but he'll damn well try,
Through the adventure
Along the journey
Always by your side,

And on that fine day, Spike ran away like a pussy, but he redeemed himself; for his strength does not lie within his arms, nor his tail. It lies within his heart and his soul. No amount of physical strength can compare.


from The Collection, released January 28, 2017
Bass by this fine fellow:
Backing vocals by some other fine fellow whom I couldn't find online.




Aphylliate Southampton, UK

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